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Project Description

Switch Checker uses the telnet protocol to connect to switches and gather data about all the ports connected to them to allow easy search and investigation


Switch Checker Information

Switch Checker was created to allow engineers with limited network skills to collect information from the switches in their environment and use it to view or search for devices. It collects information such as port descriptions, VLAN, speed and duplex settings and presents it in an easy to use view.

Once the data is collected and saved you can search through all the information to locate a device by either IP, Mac Address, or port description to easily locate what switch it is connected to and the settings of that port.

There is an option to export all data to an excel spreadsheet which can be used for importing into a configuration management database.

For full instructions on how to use the program see the Documentation Wiki

Currently the utility works for most Cisco based switches and support for other switch types may be added in the future.

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