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Usage Instructions

Using Switch Checker is a very easy process.

Firstly, click the Edit Switches button under the Switch menu and you will be presented with the following form:

Here you can add and edit the switches you want to monitor by clicking the appropriate buttons.
When adding a switch the address can be either an IP or a hostname.
If you wish you can add a default username and password in the preferences menu which will be used whenever you do not specify a username for an individual switch.

Once all your switches have been added return to the main screen and select the Update All Switches option under the Switch menu.
This will connect to each switch specified and collect all the data needed from each and may take some time if you have a lot of switches configured.
This process really only needs to be completed once to get the initial data set and possibly again whenever you think your data might be too out of date.
For all other updates it is best to use the Update Selected Switch option to renew the data for individual switches.

Once you have your data you can click on the switches listed in the left hand pane to view all their details:

To search for a specific device just type in the IP, MAC Address or Name (if it's been written into the port description) into the search box and hit search.
All search results will show on the Search Results tab and you can navigate straight to the port in question by double clicking it or via the right click menu.

That is basically all there is to it, don't forget to save your switch data before closing down so that all your information is retained.


Searching can be performed on a number of different parameters.

The drop down box to the right of the Search Field has four options: All, Description, IP Address & MAC Address
These options will perform searches in the following manner.

With All selected, searches will match any exact IP Address entered or any complete MAC address entered (recognising many popular MAC address formats)
If no IP or MAC is found then the search will return any results that match the description field on a port.

Searches will only match with the Description field configured on ports.

IP Address
With IP Address selected you can search for incomplete IP addresses to perform more ambiguous searching of IPs than using the All search option.

MAC Address
This search option will perform searches against all MAC Addresses registered on each port and will match full or partial searches regardless of how you format the search field.


After a search has been completed double clicking a result (or choosing goto from the right-click menu) will take you directly to the port specified.
You can also double click ports on a switch page to get a list of all MAC Addresses in use on that port.

Be aware, information gathered by Switch Checker is only as accurate as what the switch itself knows.
If a port has not communicated for a while and the MAC tables do not have any data for that port it will not show in Switch Checker either.
If data is out of date you may need to ping ports or send traffic through them to make sure the switch has updated MAC and IP tables and then rescan the switches in Switch Checker to update the application.

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does it still work if there is an enable password along with a username login